AdvancedMD EHR Software

AdvancedMD is a unified suite of impeccable solutions providing support to multiple medicinal practices. This ambulatory system is Built solely on 100% cloud-based software and is one of the leading software in the healthcare IT industry since 1999. Offering cutting-edge technology and comprehensive features like practice management, appointment scheduling, patient engagement, patient charts, financial analysis, and many more, this platform provides an integrated workflow to its users.

Using automated functionality, clinicians can nurture eloquent patient relationships while maintaining unwavering data security. From staff charts to reporting and extensive billing to patient insurance verification, manage all your tasks seamlessly with this front-line EHR software. It won’t be an understatement to say the services provided by this platform are peerless.

With AdvancedMD software’s reliable server-free environment, work remotely with ease. Connect with your staff members and share information with them efficiently across multiple devices. Above all, this remarkable unified software is accessible on all devices, whether Mac, Windows, or even mobile phones. In addition, its flexible and immaculate customer support make it the first choice of practices of all sizes.

Products assortment of AdvancedMD:

AdvancedMD EHR software: AdvanedMD’s EHR software is nothing like random ordinary EHR softwares. It is a smart one, with plenty of innovative features that help in prioritizing all tasks to keep you focused. It offers services including task donuts, scheduling snapshots, patient cards, customized templates, and above all, paperless fax. All these features work in sync, just like an automated workflow analyst.

AdvancedMD Practice Management Software: AdvancedMD features a productive and intuitive practice management software along with a smart dashboard. Managing claims and billing operations will be the least of your worries now. Features including insurance verification, patient statements, patient reminders, text messaging, document management, and performance reporting come side-by-side with this software.

Advanced Revenue Cycle Management: This enticing feature is the core of AdvancedMD as it provides hassle-free insight into revenues. Time-saving support like this is precisely what every clinician need. Leave your labor-intensive tasks on AdvancedRCM and focus on your patient’s care. Besides, it offers unmatched in-house and outsourcing flexibility and is fully integrated with the EHR solutions. Also, it offers one-in-a-kind revenue-driving tools.

AdvancedMD pricing: This comprehensive platform offers exclusive pre-configured bundles at affordable prices. For standalone products, small practices are charged with only 1.49 per encounter. And for the integrated software, the price is 2.18 per encounter. The best part is that you can also build a customized bundle if you want.

Free Trial: We hate to break it to you that AdvancedMD software does not offer a free trial. But you can always request a demo.

CEHRT: 2015

AdvancedMD pros:

  • AdvancedMD features phenomenal reporting, billing, and appointment scheduling tools.
  • It offers remarkable clearinghouse capacities, and implausible scouring alters that are easy to learn and use.
  • It is customized, to the point, and easy to navigate, even for complex specialties.
  • Unlike other EHR softwares, AdvancedMD offers an optimal reputation management feature, a plus point for physicians.

AdvancedMD cons:

  • Learning to customize its templates is a bit difficult, but it won’t be problematic if you are into IT.
  • It is relatively expensive than its competitors, which is a considerable downside.