Allscripts EMR Software

Allscripts is a vendor of enterprise-wide solutions centered in Chicago. This web-based software is explicitly designed to reduce the clinical burden; thus, it offers premium quality healthcare services. Because of its innovative features, providers get optimal financial outcomes along with optimal patient care. In addition, Allscripts is a preeminent platform that streamlines all operations by balancing the business with no compromise in healthcare. To meet providers’ needs, Allscripts has seamlessly integrated its clinical, financial, and operational platforms.

With this industry-leading tool, boost your productivity and regulate patient affairs effortlessly. Now you can manage your revenue cycle, patient records, and billing via a single database. Above all, this software streamlines the prescription, diagnosis, and dispensation process elegantly according to the requirements.

Over 2205 hospitals and more than 14000 clinician practices avail the services of this elegant suite. Allscripts assembles some of its cloud-based API endpoints using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and runs its database on Microsoft SQL. Professional. It works in sync with ACOs, Patient-Centred Medical Homes, and Federally Qualified Health Centres.

Intuitive solutions offered by Allscripts:

Allscripts Sunrise EMR:
Allscripts offers comprehensive EMR solutions by staying at the forefront of the revolution. For hospitals and healthcare centers, Allscripts offers a comprehensive Sunrise EMR. This innovative EMR features multiple modules along with business intelligence and analytics. Acute care, ambulatory care, radiology, iPro anesthesia, and emergency care are some of the novel solutions offered by this high-tech EMR.

Allscripts Opal: Allscripts Opal is a one-of-a-kind digital health record solution. It works by giving organizations and physicians a quality insight into patient’s journeys leading to accurate diagnostics. More than 100 Australian hospitals use this customized and intuitive DHR solution.

Allscripts Practice Management: Allscripts Practice Management is a comprehensive revenue management solution for all physician practices. Accessing patient accounts is easy with its centralized account management feature. Users benefit from its enhanced flexible scheduling options. Moreover, it streamlines check-in by centralized front desk processes, thus ensuring greater efficiency. Task management and top-notch financial performance tools are also the plus points of this solution.

Allscripts FollowMyHealth:
Equipped with personalized content, FollowMyHealth is the world’s top-notch patient engagement solution. From mere physicians to enterprise hospitals, all use this platform to promote ultimate patient satisfaction. It is seamlessly embedded in the ambulatory environment as it encourages patients to take part in their healthcare actively.

dbMotion: Allscripts offers exclusive population health solutions across the continuum of care named dbMotion. Offering value-based care this interoperability platform integrates relevant patient data into a single record. Normalized data and analytics gateway comes in handy with this frontline solution.

Allscripts Pricing: Unfortunately, the vendor has not provided the pricing details for its solutions. However, you can contact Allscripts to obtain current pricing details.

Free trial: Allscripts doesn’t offer a free trial. However, the Allscripts EMR demo is available upon request.

CEHRT: 2014 and 2015

Technical Specification: This web-based solution is hosted on secure servers and is compatible with almost all devices. Above all, the Allscripts FollowMyHealth tool is way beyond your imagination. Nearly 7.2million people use this patient portal across the globe.

Allscripts Pros:

  • Its allergy and interaction tracking functionality help clinicians in deciding the right medicines for the patients.
  • Allscripts e-prescription saves time productively.
    It is compatible with all devices so that users can track their progress anywhere, anytime.

Allscripts Cons:

  • This software takes tons of loading time and frequently freezes it crashes, making it the opposite of a user-friendly option.


Is Allscripts web-based?

Even though the Allscripts application is available on iOS, its professional EHR is primarily a web-based solution.

Who are the top Allscripts competitors?

If you are considering alternatives for Allscripts then athenaHealth, AdvancedMD, Orion Health, Cerner and Epic are potential competencies. Their services are close to Allscripts, not exactly the same.