Amazing Charts EMR Software

Amazing Charts is a top-rated EHR founded by a practicing physician itself for the ease of physicians. This software is well-equipped with everything that any physician would need to reduce this clinical and administrative burden. Amazing Charts is undoubtedly a comprehensive solution that manages charting, appointments, e-prescription, and many more things on behalf of the physician.

Since 2001, this vendor has been running impeccable solutions that help clinicians encounter burdensome challenges on a daily basis. The meaningful EHR system of this software brings all data on a single screen elegantly like a paper chart. As a result, clinicians can diagnose patients accurately by viewing their prior visits, demographics, and all.

This unified software aims to provide all medical practices with low-cost solutions, thus enhancing their productivity. This cloud-based software perfectly integrates with the EHR, featuring EM coding, patient portal, medical templates, billing, and document management. Besides, Amazing Chart has become the best of all EHR vendors with its acquisition with Harris healthcare family Amazing. Now it has more products in its portfolio, including digiChart, MEDfx, Clinix, Pulse, and

Products and services offered by Amazing Charts are:

CareTracker Practice Management:
Managing financial workflow and clinical documentation is no big deal with Amazing Charts’ phenomenal Practice Management system. Get instant alerts whenever your patients seek your attention. With CareTracker PM, physicians can improve their efficiency as it lets them manage their insurance claims, revenue cycle, and billing, all in one place.

Amazing Charts EHR:
This electronic health records solution is focused on patient care and is availed by more than 6700 practices. Its specialty tools include one-click charting, customizable templates, robust prescription modules, appointment scheduling, an intra-messaging system, and much more. Overall, this meaningful EHR solution with a simple learning curve goes for all medicinal practices.

Amazing Charts Population Health:
AC population health solution is all about strengthening patient care at reduced costs. It analyzes clinician practices as a whole to achieve better outcomes by identifying gaps in patient’s healthcare. In addition, physicians benefit from its chronic care management module and clinical quality measures module.

Amazing Charts is teamed up with the world’s leading telemedicine provider DrFirst and Updox. Thus, it offers appraisable remote patient care, secure text conversation, and above all, keeps a log of chats and videos for effective billing practices with the help of these solutions.

Amazing Charts Pricing: According to Amazing Charts’ official website, Its EHR service starts from around $199/month, and PM comes out to be $299/month. However, medical billing, population health, and smart analytics pricing vary according to the medical practices.

Free Trial: Amazing Charts provides a free trial.

Technical Specifications: Amazing charts offer both cloud-based and on-premise deployment. It is a native Windows product and is compatible with almost all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and even runs on tablets and netbooks.

Amazing Charts Pros:

  • Offers a comprehensive reporting tool and Chart layout that is smooth and easy to read.
  • Its customized templates and mechanic drop-down feature optimizes workflow and generates good revenue.
  • Amazing Charts is a cost-effective EHR system offering an intuitive interface.

Amazing Charts Cons:

  • For small practices, the billing portion is problematic. They have to pay whether they work 1-day a month or 30-days.


  1. Is Amazing Charts EHR cloud-based?
    Amazing Charts offers EHR that works on cloud or can be installed on-premise. Its up to the practice how they want to use it.
  2. Can we use Amazing Charts on Mac?
    Yes, Amazing Charts is compatible with PC Windows and Mac. You don’t even need VPN to use it on Mac.