athenahealth EHR software

athenahealth EHR software is amongst the top-notch providers of healthcare solutions across the globe. Featuring both cloud-based and on-premise healthcare solutions, athenahealth offers innovative products and services to its clients. Its technology-driven healthcare system makes it stand out in the market with its exclusive medical practices like electronic health records, efficient medical billing, care coordination, patient engagement, etc.

This integrated software also offers interoperability so that all stakeholders can have optimal information with no distraction. Simply put, all stakeholders are seamlessly connected with active data sharing.

athenahealth product assortment:


athenahealth’s all-in-one bundle of the cloud-based suite of solutions that works by integrating EHR, revenue management cycle, and various proficient services to optimize financial and clinical performance.


A cloud-based practice management solution that focuses on medical billing and the revenue cycle. It streamlines patient workflow by doing the burdensome work for providers and also analyzes billing errors.


It is a cloud-based intuitive EHR software designed to provide maximum efficiency and increased clinical control to users. Devote all your focus on your patients and let athenahealth handle the tedious tasks.


athenaCommunicator is a network-enabled patient interaction service by athenahealth. This suite engages patients in care through the patient portal, automated messages, and a self-scheduling solution.


Embedded in the athenahealth family, Epocrates helps physicians enhance their efficacy with the world’s best clinical support. It is the one-spot medical reference app acknowledged as “the second brain” of doctors.

Population Health:

It is a network-enabled comprehensive solution for ultimate patient care. With its intuitive patient tracking, engage them and deliver them with the right care at the right time to achieve your goals.


A customized and fully-embedded solution, athenaTelehealth offers integrated billing support, automated patient outreach, and group conferencing for a seamless patient experience.

Platform Services:

With athenahealth, explore a range of first- and third-party apps and boost up the patient experience by exchanging data across systems.

athenahealth pricing:

This EHR is known for a low-cost solution, but they do not publish their pricing strategy on their official website. Request for pricing by getting a customized quote for athenahealth’s products and services with no hidden fees.

Free trial:

athenahealth doesn’t offer any free trial, but you can get a demo for free.

CEHRT: 2015

Technical Specification:

By this EMR, you can also get an enterprise revenue cycle management solution that can be cloud-hosted or on-premise along with its unblemished cloud-based EHR and effective medical billing solution.

athenahealth EHR Pros:

  • It features practice management solutions at relatively low up-front costs.
  • Through its marketplace, athenahealth offers seamless 3rd party application integrations.
  • athenahealth incorporates an excellent EMR database for clinical providers.
  • It is user-friendly and ideal for a fast-paced environment with a bunch of workloads.

athenahealth EHR Cons:

  • The customer support is not efficient. It takes too long to resolve the issues.
  • It is relatively heavy on the pocket of small practices as compared to other EHR software.