Cerner EHR software

With over 40 years of experience in incorporating health care and information technology, Cerner EHR is at the forefront of the Medical software industry, emphasizing cybersecurity and integrated electronic health records. They offer analytics, interoperability, cybersecurity, remote hosting, and manage revenue cycles, IT, and population health.

Cerner serves over 2700 hospitals and health care providers. Their most notable clients are the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. This contract is expected to be completed in several years, netting Cerner billions of dollars. Cerner focuses primarily on large-scale organizations, but they do offer plans for small-scale and medium-sized organizations as well.

The services that Cerner offers include:

Analytics: Cerner’s analytic services span industry centers, such as clinical, financial, care continuum, populace wellbeing, and research. Their top products include; HealtheEDWSM, an Enterprize Data Warehouse that gives users the ability to create custom dashboards, data models and provides unique analytical reports. Hierarchical Condition Categories(HCC) help users decide repayment and gauge costs for private medical services plans. Distinguish holes in the documentation that adds to how your populace is hazard acclimated to empower more exact installment or repayment. Lights On Network®, a tool that gives users enterprise-level information to boost the worth of their EHR system across the entire organization.

Population Health Management: Through their industry-recognized platform, Cerner empowers organizations to align, engage, and empower health care stakeholders. Their value-driven, community-wide plan enables providers, healthcare systems, communities, employers, and state and federal governments to address clinical, financial, and operational needs. Moreover, they have partnered with salesforce to offer customer relationship management and consumer engagement.

Clinical Solutions: Cerner EHR can be tailored for any medicinal practice and clinic. They offer customizations specific for radiology, oncology, pediatric, cardiology practices, and many more. Moreover, their CareAware tool helps strengthen communication, especially amongst nursing staff. Cerner Community WorksSM focuses on empowering hospitals and healthcare providers based in rural areas.

Revenue Cycle Management: Cerner aims to assist companies in using automation to streamline operations, simplify administrative functions, control financing costs, make informed business decisions, and, ultimately, improve financial outcomes across acute and ambulatory domains. Moreover, they integrate billing and clinical teams to improve process efficiencies. Enterprise Document Management is a tool that enables users to automate document capture, processing, and viewing.

Price: Cerner pricing is available through a quote. You can request a quote for your practice by clicking the price button on this page.

Free Trial: No

CEHRT: 2015

Cerner EHR Software Pros:

  • Has a great integration to a revenue cycle management system.
  • Offers both on-site and off-site hosting.
  • A powerhouse in the industry with high-profile clients such as the DoD.

Cerner EHR Software Cons:

  • Cerner is a very in-depth solution that can lead to a higher learning curve for users.