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Dermatology EHR - A Quick Guide to Help You Pick the Best

Dermatologists treat everything from skin cancer to cosmetic surgery. Over time they have evolved into somewhat of a jack of all trades. Moreover, after completing 12 years of school and remembering over 2800 skin conditions, Dermatologists need an EHR solution that can make their life a little easier.


Dermatology has become a distinct specialty of healthcare that covers standard healthcare services and skin treatments that were once exclusively available in the beauty and spa industry. As a result, dermatological clinics cater to a diverse demographic, with practices ranging in size and conducting a wide range of treatments on many patients. Given these features, dermatological EHR vendors who want to stay competitive in this sector must offer more varied and feature-rich systems than standard EHRs.

The Electronic Health Records Software (EHR) created particularly for dermatology specialties includes elements directly connected to these disciplines and capabilities that will aid healthcare workers in providing outstanding healthcare. Key features include clinical documentation with picture-taking ability, dermatology knowledge base, treatment plans, lab integration, electronic prescriptions, patient progress forms, and much more.

Features of Dermatology EHR Software

Physical exam

As a dermatologist, you often begin any consultation with a physical exam. Therefore, an EHR system that makes note-taking easier and provides patient history is invaluable. Not only because it saves time, but this also increases the accuracy and precision of your diagnosis. On top of this, add the ability to take pictures that automatically integrate into your note, and we have a match made in heaven.


e-Prescribing not only makes your life easier but also makes the patient experience more convenient. This feature will help you figure out if the medication you’re recommending will react with some prior medicines or if it’s suitable, keeping in mind any past illnesses. Moreover, e-prescribing goes a long way to save cost and time.

Dermatology knowledgebase

Dermatologists have to remember more conditions than any other doctor. Having an EHR that can help out here by providing a database with every skin condition stored in it and its symptoms will shave off hours spent parsing through medical textbooks.

Moreover, your patients will also appreciate access to educational literature.

The benefit of having this information on your EHR program is that you don’t have to communicate everything verbally:

  • Allow them access via a patient portal
  • Email literature to them
  • Use visual resources as part of consultations to ensure more effective communication.