eClinicalWorks EMR Software

eClinicalWorks is an award-winning IT leader, providing integrated EHR solutions in the healthcare industry. It is a cloud-based software that offers tailor-made and innovative on-premise and web-based solutions in more than 50 specialties. Around 130,000 physicians nationwide — and 850,000 healthcare professionals across the globe benefit from the intuitive services of this notable platform.

Patient engagement, compliance tracking, medical billing, and appointment scheduling are some of the exclusive practices offered by eClinicalWorks. It is not some ordinary EMR software. Having its own HIPAA telehealth system, this outstanding software is a real-time-goer. Driven by innovation and enthusiasm, eClinicalWorks has grown into one of the world’s fastest-growing privately held companies.
eClinicalWorks V11 EHR.

With its sole focus on customer’s needs and convenience, eClinicalWorks launched its latest version, V11, in the market in 2015. This latest upgrade won the ground with its cutting-edge technology. With a virtual assistant called EVA, V11 enables clinicians to seamlessly view patient records, including data flow tables. Also, clinicians can access data anytime, anywhere on Mac, PC, or iPads. eClinicalWorks V11 EHR offers exclusive features including in-place editing, self-patient portal, Healow app, and much more.

Noteworthy products and services offered by eClinicalWorks:

Patient Engagement: eClinicalWorks provides physicians with an opportunity to offer enhanced care to their patients by establishing a strong online presence. From patient portals to kiosk check-in and messenger campaigns, every tool ensures utmost healthcare with eminent outcomes.

eClinicalWorks healow Telehealth: With eClinicalWorks, patients can get exclusive treatment remotely. Organize visits intuitively with comprehensive Telehealth solutions compliant with HIPAA and seamlessly integrated with eClinicalWorks EHR feature.

Population Health: Population health service by eCW is one of the leading solutions for effective medical practices, including CCM, HEDIS, and HCC coding. Get an insight into emerging diseases patterns and risks by this impeccable bundle of population health solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management: eClinicalWorks offers ground-breaking RCM solutions for all medical practices with no start-up costs and charges just 2.9% of practice collections. Featuring dashboard alerts, performance evaluations, maximum financial visibility, and robust analysis tools, it has become an industry-leading billing system.

Interoperability: Get valuable data at your fingertips in no time with eClinicalWorks top-notch interoperability service integrated with PRISMA, the industry’s first health search engine. Fifty million-plus practices seek out the gold-standard information from this vendor’s extensive network with complete transparency.

eClinicalWorks Pricing: eClinicalWorks presents its users with three different plans; choose the one that seems fit for your clinical practices. Their pricing plans are published on their official website with the basic EHR program starting from $499/month.

Free Trial: eClinicalWorks does not offer a free trial to its users, but you can schedule a demo anytime you want.

CEHRT: 2015

Technical Specifications: Unlike other ordinary cloud-based EHR software, eClinicalWorks private cloud model will keep your data private and secure instead of mingling it with other practices. Its national cloud infrastructure leads it to be a faster yet reliable network.

eClinicalWorks Pros:

  • Comprehensive record-keeping, multiuser synchronous access make it easy to access and transport medical records.
  • eClinicalWorks offers a high degree of customization along with a user-friendly interface.
  • Admirable patient portal supporting professional medical notes and intuitively organized charts and reports.
  • Sends medication refills automatically to the pharmacy instead of calling the pharmacy for refills, thus saves time.

eClinicalWorks Cons:

  • Terribly cumbersome navigation, you have to switch a bunch of screens before you can enter lab results and all.
  • eClinicalWorks system is sluggish; while scrolling, it slows down and crashes.