PrognoCIS EHR Software

Bizmatics Inc. designed, owns, and maintains PrognoCIS. Since 2001, the corporation has been headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley. A whole suite of software, including Electronic Health Records (EHR), Telemedicine, and Medical Billing, is available from its headquarters as locally hosted or cloud-based solutions. Over 15,000 medical practitioners use the PrognoCIS application and have over 25 million patient encounters. The EMR is suitable for small and large-scale clinics alike, thanks to its tailor-made user face. Furthermore, PrognoCIS is Meaningful Use II certified and is also ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant.

PrognoCIS EHR comes with all the bells and whistles that a modern medical practice needs.

Most notable amongst these is its capability for telemedicine and its built-in patient portal. Thus, making it possible for doctors to treat their patients from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the patient portal makes it easier for the patients to keep their medical records, lab reports, prescriptions, and appointments in check with just an app on their smartphone.

On the finance side of things, PrognoCIS offers medical billing and revenue cycle management all baked into their EHR system. Some of the critical services they offer include handling remittance and accounts receivables, claims scrubbing, and claims submission. Moreover, they offer a charge capture feature, a fully integrated system that allows charge capture to flow seamlessly from the EMR encounter to the claim, automating the charge entry process. All this is topped off with technical support housed in a designated call center to take patient calls.

Task Assignment is a feature in PrognoCIS that allows billers and clinical personnel to communicate more effectively. The days of billing employees sending out countless pages to busy doctors and waiting for a callback to discuss a coding or billing issue are long gone. Instead, the biller sends a documentable letter to the physician to clarify these concerns, which they may subsequently handle at their convenience.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $250 per user per month.

Free Trial: No.

Demo: Yes.

CEHRT: 2015

Technical Specifications: PrognoCIS can be deployed as a Cloud, SaaS, or Web-Based web-based solution. With on-premises compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux based machines. Moreover, it will also run on both Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets.

PrognoCIS EHR Pros: PrognoCIS has published its API, which facilitates integration with third-party applications in your practice.

PrognoCIS EHR Cons: Their iOS app suffers from several bugs and needs improvement.


  1. Can external sources like skype and facetime be used with PrognoCIS EHR Telehealth?
    No, PrognoCIS has partnered up with zoom, and only places calls through it.